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General Framework

As a therapist, I tend toward being warm and straightforward. I believe in people's innate ability to change. I move between going into depth in therapy and addressing more practically whatever the problems are that bring a person to therapy.

Theoretical Framework

My theoretical approach is what is called "eclectic"; I work with whichever theory will be most helpful to a particular client.

The theories I most commonly draw on are:

  • Relational-cultural

  • Narrative

  • Cognitive-behavioral

  • Humanistic/existential

Brief versus In-Depth Therapy

I am comfortable using both brief, solution-focused methods and longer-term, in-depth methods. In general:

  • Brief therapy is best for single-issue problems that are finite in nature (for example, getting through a job change, or adjusting to a move to a new town)

  • In-depth therapy is best for getting at the root of a problem and sorting it out. For example, if you have a long-term sense of feeling lonely and anxious, an in-depth approach enables you to go deeper into figuring out and working through (repairing) those issues.

We can talk together about what you are looking for and what might be most effective.

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